Welcome & Introduction

Thank you for visiting my website.

Hi, my name is Donna Fairley, I am married to Ian and have three lovely grown up daughters & two gorgeous grandsons.

I am passionate about supporting children & young people reaching their full potential.

I have worked with children & families for a great number of years now; my background was in Youth Work & Community Learning & Development.

Through my experience in the field I worked, over the years I noticed a huge increase in young people affected by their mental health. This concerned me greatly; I began to do some research into ways of supporting these young people to manage these struggles themselves.

Mindfulness intrigued me, the benefits it had to childrens wellbeing was fascinating. Therefore, I retrained in ‘Teaching Mindfulness & Meditation to Children’ 2014. Since then I have increased my skill set and now able to offer...

Relax Kids


Story massage


I feel my previous experience and training compliments mindfulness greatly, offering a unique service to the area. I will continue updating my training so that the service we offer is current and relevant to the needs of the children.

I opened ‘Well Balanced’ Studio in August 2015 as a mindfulness and relaxation studio for children & families and I am very overwhelmed by its success so far, thank you all.



What We Do

The studio is a welcoming space that has a very relaxed atmosphere as soon as you enter. This is important to me, as I want the children and families that come, to feel at ease from the start.

What we present is a professional, confidential and responsive service that offers a selection of classes, workshops and 1:1 appointments to support children and young peoples well being. These range from group classes run in blocks to child/family 1:1 sessions where everything is tailored to your specific family needs. I can work with the child/young person or/and the parents. All to help create calm family home using mindful techniques, we encourage gentle parenting and growth mindset learning style.

We also run workshops in Schools and other organisations: These can be tailored to the specific needs of the School or organisation. Families who receive SDS funding can access my services using this fund.